Italian cuisine is renowned all over the world for its unmistakable tastes and traditions. And then let’s face it, even we Italians, when we are far from home, love to rediscover the flavors and aromas of our country. Often this seems an impossible mission, but now we can find the real Italian food also overseas, in the fantastic Miami.

The best Italian food Miami we can find in Florida is served by Osteria Baiocco, a restaurant born from the experience of the Ranucci family, acquired thanks to the management of three other restaurants open in Milan. The restaurant is located in one of the trendiest districts of Miami, and is built inside an old colonial style villa, furnished according to the traditional characteristics of Italian tavernas but united with modern elements, to create a sophisticated and international environment.

You can savor the classic dishes of Roman cuisine and the Tuscan and Umbrian tradition, recreated thanks to family recipes, and products imported from Italy, or carefully chosen among those that reflect more the quality and the high Italian standards among the producers of place. In the MiMo neighborhood you will not only eat the best Italian food you can find, but you will find yourself living the atmosphere all Italian, thanks to the only Italian staff that brings the Romanity and the charm made in Italy in the halls.

The menu includes hors d’oeuvres, home-made pasta, side dishes, main courses and desserts that completely follow the Italian tradition: for example, you can find the fried Romans, the potato gnocchi all’amatriciana or the saltimbocca alla romana. Even the wine list is all made in Italy, and we can also taste a good Chianti.

With 40 seats, with its terrace and patio adorned with typical white columns, the Osteria Baiocco brings the kitchen, and consequently the best Italian food, up to Miami.


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